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Do you ever have days likes this?

  • Days when you don’t know whether you are coming or going?

  • When you feel overwhelmed? 

  • Maybe even days when you forget where you are or whether or not you put the kids in the car?

No Judgment Here.

I Can Completely Relate!

Sakinah Bunch is the CEO of Cleangoodeats, a Holistic Relationship Health and Wellness Coach, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author and Podcast Host, and Army Veteran.

After experiencing a rocky start to marriage, then caring for family members with severe health issues, the dream of the happy, healthy family almost seemed elusive.

Sakinah discovered that operating according to the world’s rules almost led her to a tumultuous divorce and the loss of a child.

The bible has now become her life’s compass and the wisdom that it reveals has placed her marriage and family on the right path again. Specializing in marital and physical wellness coaching and specialty eating styles, she loves empowering individuals to learn what it takes to establish healthy relationships with food, others, and self.

Life Can Come At You Hard & Fast

As a wife, mom, business owner, & educator, I know life can come at you hard and fast. Some days the hamster wheel ran much faster than I did. I too have driven off only to find myself about a mile down the road in a panic trying to remember if I loaded the kids in the car or picked them up from an event. Some days I struggled to meet deadlines while occasionally needing to tend to sick little ones or even a sick big one, a.k.a. my husband. Life can be hurried and unpredictable in that way and at the same time routine and mundane.



Judgment Seems to Come from Everywhere

Ever feel like all of your efforts are just not enough? You don’t have enough time to spend with your family, you feel the foods you prepare are lackluster at best, resembling more drive-through and less Susie Homemaker and you shy away from people coming over for fear they will judge you as a wife, mom, and homemaker. Yes, very few of us will admit it, but the truth is for the majority of us this our reality.

Lacking Community, Feeling Like I am in this Thing Alone

In the midst of life feeling rushed and routine, I lacked community. Are you plagued by loneliness, where you have people around you, but none you feel close to, no one you can really do life with on a regular basis or who can relate to where you are in life? Do you yearn to just be real with someone and have someone be real with you? Do you need a friend who just  gets you? I have been where you are and it was a lonely place. I longed for a sense of community, a sisterhood.

CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood

Breakfast is rushed. Lunch is hurried 

Dinner is bought and eaten on the go.

BrUNCH is the only meal that, at the mere mention of it, people know it means time.

  • Time to let your hair down and relax with the girls.
  • Time to consume a delicious meal while leisurely catching up with friends.
  • Time to just be rEAL!

A Community

CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood is a community of like-minded women who want to do away with the fluff of being hurried, unhealthy, and mundane. It is for women who are tired of trying to tear down the walls of pretentiousness and yearn to be rEAL so that we can live healthier, happier lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Judgment-Free Zone

It is a judgment-free zone where you can feel safe to share openly and learn from one another. It is a community where long-lasting friendships are made, and tools are gained to draw your family back to the table.

Healthy… Mind, Body & Spirit

As a member of the CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood not only will you be a part of a healthy community within, but we can be rEAL with each other and ourselves so that we can be healthier versions of ourselves for everyone else.


It is a place of physical, mental, spiritual, and nutritional discovery, through online Live culinary classes, Q&A’s, and open forums so that you can be the mini chef of your home, your meals will be healthy & flavorful, and your wallet will graciously thank you.

Join the Sisterhood

CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood is the place for learning, bonding and community.

It is the place to just be rEAL.


   Appetizer (Level 1) - $25

  • Includes:

    • Monthly Topic Driven Live Q& A's

      • Each month, there will be online training on a specific health-driven topic.

      • Members will have live Q&A time with Sakinah B.    in a secure online conference room to have their questions answered about a variety of issues.

      • Members will have the opportunity to view interviews with experts within their field and have their questions answered

      • Access to all recorded training within the group.

    • Recipe of the Month

      • Each month there will be a featured food recipe  and essential oil recipe

    • Discount on products and services

      • Members receive an automatic 10% discount on featured products and services


    Entree (Level 2) - $39

    Entree members receive all of the benefits of the Appetizer level plus:

  • Additional recipes 

    • In addition to the Appetizer level recipes, Entree level members receive two additional food recipes each month

  • Monthly virtual cooking classes  

    • These are live cooking classes that expound upon the recipes received

    • Group live cooking class recorded videos to view at your leisure

  • Audio versions of Live group Q&A training 

    • To conveniently listen on the go

  • Quarterly "special" product offerings with FREE shipping

    • Once per quarter CGE offers members' only sample products

    • These are products that only can be purchased by Entree members 

  • 25% discount on featured products and services



From Our Satisfied Clients

Very informative and knowledgeable about healthy eating and the recipes are simple and DELICIOUS!
Stephanie Parrott

Provides awesome knowledge, information, and legitimate concern for people’s wellness and life improvement. The real deal!
CP Strain

Committing to work the Cleangoodeats with Sakinah B. program, was one of the best things I have done for myself. Sakinah Bunch was made for this, trust her, do the work, dig deep and invest in your own health and wellness.
Lisa jackson

I attended a workshop by Sakinah in lexington and was BLOWN AWAY at how valuable the information she shared was. Knowing that it is possible to eat clean and still feed an entire family is a huge relief. I can’t wait to dig into her book & the SMOOTHIE FROM THE WORKSHOP WAS AMAZING 😁😅
Annalisa Coleman

We Look Forward to Seeing you in the Sisterhood

CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood is the place for learning, bonding and communityIt is the place to just be rEAL.